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    People come to MANteresting because the site’s focus is on providing a platform for sharing great content, and then creating a personalized experience so our community stays engaged. MANteresting wants you to get lost in user generated content that interests you. The site is designed to customize the experience around your interests. The platform identifies your interests by analyzing the images, video, products and other content you interact with on MANteresting, and then recommends new content based on that behavior.

    MANteresting is not Pinterest, it is a social sharing and discovery site and app targeted for men. While we like cupcakes, you are not going to find thousands of photos and recipes of perfectly displayed cupcakes on this site.

    Some Facts About The MANteresting Community

    94% of the community members are men. There’s a surprise!
    The main language of 88% of the visitors to the site is English.
    9% of our visitors are men over 65. Dirty Old Men.
    25-44 year olds make up 38% of our visitors.
    The US (68%) and Canada (14%) make up 82% of our audience.

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    MANteresting is a great place to relax and kill time. Designed to be simple, clean, and easy to use, it gives users a way to unwind with great content that they can organize as they like. Many of the people on MANteresting are just enjoying downtime between work projects, unwinding at night before bed or sitting on the toilet.

    MANteresting is a great place to connect with others. Users can interact with each other through likes, comments, and reposts. For many MANteresting users, this interaction is part of the appeal of the site. They connect with friends, fellow bloggers and with other community members that have similar interests.

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