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  • Improving Stability of Berlinlasers Red Cross Laser Alignment…

    Improving Stability of Berlinlasers Red Cross Laser Alignment
    If there is quite serious need of high accuracy cross line alignment at quite long work distance, it would be quite nice chance for users to make good use of Berlinlasers red cross laser alignment. It is keeping direct red laser beam emission from 650nm red laser diode, within wide range output power and excellent thermal emitting system, it is just workable with highly stable and accurate red cross line generation on desired working surfaces effectively.
    Employed by qualified glass coated lens with selectable optic lens degree of 10, 15 and 110 degree, red cross laser alignment is generating different cross line dimension in distance. This focused beam cross line laser device is able to be installed easily on any other device or equipment, and always making sure of quite convenient and accurate cross line generation for laser alignment for screen printing system, military targeting, laser medical treatment and heat transfer machine etc.

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