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  • Easy Aligning Tool of Berlinlasers Red Laser Diode Module…

    Easy Aligning Tool of Berlinlasers Red Laser Diode Module
    When you are trying to make dot measuring with the assistance of Berlinlasers red laser diode module, you only need to make proper selection of output power and adjustment of laser beam focus, it is just effective enough to get continuous and quick red laser dot targeting for a large variety of industrial machinery processing works. It is making use of high quality import 650nm red laser diode and qualified glass coated lens, red laser beam emitting keeps high beam transmittance, without worrying of laser light becoming dim or bur. When this red laser module is properly adjusted of its laser beam focus and laser dot targeting direction, it gets the most wonderful dot instruction for laser marking, drilling and other industrial laser use fields marvelously.

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