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    Different Line Length Berlinlasers Green Line Laser Module
    In order to get clear enough line alignment on different targeting surface, the genuine use of Berlinlasers green line laser module would always bring users the most wonderful experience for any type of industrial and high tech line alignment work fields effectively. It is being used as a quite nice accessory part, on basis of easy use of laser alignment mounting bracket, this laser line device gets easy line instruction on any vertical or horizontal surface effectively.
    This green line laser module gets quite easy connect with DC input power supply, which is able to work with constant green reference line targeting at quite long work distance. It is getting the maximum output power of 100mW, unless the generating beam under sunlight, this laser line generator keeps super clear line instruction within the maximum work distance of 25 meters. On basis of basic learning of line length, line thickness and work distance from laser beam aperture, correct output power and optic lens degree made green laser module just bring users the clearest line positioning result for all high tech and industrial line use fields perfectly.