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  • Great MANteresting Post

    What Makes a Great Post to Manteresting!

    With so much content on MANteresting, separating your Posts from the rest of the pack might feel a bit daunting—but fear not. Just follow the three tips below and your Posts on MANteresting will stand out.

    Make them relevant
    Make sure your posts apply to the MANteresting community. Ask yourself will my post appeal to the male dominated audience. For example: submitting a wedding dress post with a white background is a waste of your time. It just doesn’t appeal to the MANteresting audience. Now submitting a funny wedding dress fail or a creative wedding theme would appeal to the audience.

    wedding pics right and wrong


    Make them beautiful
    Start with high-quality images (JPG, GIF, TIFF or PNG formats). They should be crisp, clear and well-composed. Vertically-oriented post look best on mobile screens, so make yours stand up nice and tall, with a maximum vertical aspect ratio of 1:2.8.

    Choose images that are unique and eye-catching. MAnteresting visitors prefer eye candy. The more startling, unusual or engaging your image, the better.

    Minimize visual clutter: If you’re using multiple images in a single post limit yourself to four or fewer. If your image has a text overlay, keep it short and simple.

    Make them interesting
    A beautiful image may catch someone’s attention, but a good title and description captures the imagination. The best descriptions set the scene and tell a story. Be sure your descriptions are thoughtful, specific and timeless. Because posts last forever, it’s best to stay away from temporary promotions or fads.

    Remember that people often discover posts through search, so the more specific you can be in the tags, the more likely it is that your posts will surface during searches. If you leave the tags blank then it will most likely not show up in searches

    Here are just a few photos that would make great posts on MANteresting.

    Examples of sreat posts on MANteresting