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  • FAQ

    1 - Signup and Login

    I forgot my username?

    Please click on the Forgot Username link on the login page to get you Username.

    I forgot my password?

    Please click on the Forgot Password link on the login page to start the resetting of your password process.

    Do I have to sign up?

    No, you don’t have too signup, you can look at all the posts on MANteresting without signing up. We don’t want to restrict you from looking at our site just because you don’t sign up. Browse, search . . . check out the site. If you do sign up, you will be able to post, save, communicate and interactive with the site and the users of the site. You will be able to use all the features of the site so we recommend you sign up.

    manteresting join button

    How do I sign up for MANteresting?

    At MANteresting, we made it easy so that anyone can do it. Sign up using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or by filling out a form including your basic details.

    manteresting join button

    2 - Posts

    Why are tags important?

    Adding the correct tag to your post is extremely important. All the posts (images, GIFs, videos) on the MANteresting site are organized by the tag(s). If you want other users or site visitors to find your posts you need to enter accurate tag(s).

    Can I post products to the MANteresting site?

    Yes, you can post products on MANteresting but the products should be male related products.  Also, it is best to have photos of the product in use and not just sitting on a white background.


    Here is an example a great in use photo for a Dewalt drill.

    Dewalt drill post

    What makes a great post?

    MANteresting has a whole page on this subject. It is a good read and it will help you maximize your posts.

    Examples of great posts on MANteresting

    How do I get a post to show up on the MANteresting home page?

    MANteresting uses an algorithm based on post popularity (views, shares, likes, comments etc.) and tags to determine what shows up on our home page. Uploading great posts and taking part in the MANteresting community will help your posts show up on the home page.

    How to I share posts to my Facebook and Twitter accounts?

    Just click on the social media buttons that are next to the post. Another option is to copy the URL in the browser and paste it into your social media account.

    Why was my post removed from the site?

    Your post violated the MANteresting rules and it was removed by one of our site monitors. The 2 most common violations are posts that contain nudity and a post that is spammy. Please see the MANteresting Rules page.

    Rules of MANteresting

    How do I post to MANteresting?

    Go to the upper right corner of the site and hit the Upload button. You will need to log in to your account to post. You can also post by using the MANteresting iOS and Android apps.

    How do I edit a post?

    You need to be signed into your account to edit a Post. Once you are logged in to MANteresting look at the top navigation bar. You should see the “Profile” text link, click on this link. This will bring you to your main Profile page. On this page in the navigation bar you will see a text link called “My Posts”. If you click on this link it will bring up all your Posts. Once you find the Post you would like to edit just click on the Edit button at the bottom of the post.

    How do captions/comments work?

    Posts are one reason people come to MANteresting, but captions are another. Get creative, get witty, get fun. The first part of your caption will show just below your post for all users to see. If you are cool enough, people might like, repost, or comment on your post.

    What do likes and dislikes do?

    Likes on MANteresting move content up that you think is awesome. If a user Posts a super funny picture, and you want to show your appreciation (but don’t necessarily want to repost that image) click the like button on each post. The posts with the most likes are archived on the popular page. Your only mission in life should be to have the most liked image of all time!

    Conversely, if you hate a picture… Click the dislike button. Not only do we keep track of the most disliked posts, but this helps us always keep the best posts showing to you on the home page.

    What are Reposts?

    Did another MANteresting user post a picture, GIF or video that you want to save for yourself? Repost it! You can grab the image and save it for referencing later. Once you repost it, you can view it anytime you like.

    What are Posts?

    Posts are how we refer to the images, GIFs or videos that our users post. Each post links to it’s original source and the user that found it. There are three ways you can add a post: upload a file directly from your computer, input the URL of a picture or website, or input the link of a video.

    3 - My Account

    How do I cancel and/or delete my account?

    You can stop using your account anytime you like but MANteresting accounts cannot be canceled or deleted. The reason for this is because of reposting and the interaction with your posts. Canceling and deleting accounts would have an effect on the rest of the site and the Users.

    Can I have more than 1 account?

    Yes, you can create as many accounts as you like. You will need to have a different email address for each account.

    Why was my account blocked?

    MANteresting’s monitors will block a user’s account that constantly violates our rules. If you are constantly posting nude or pornographic photos, GIFs or videos you will be blocked. Also, users who post spammy or non-male related items will be blocked. For example, if you are user who just posted 10 photos of wedding dresses on white backgrounds you are going to be blocked. The posts have nothing to do with MANteresting plus they are spam.

    Can I have a private profile on MANteresting?

    Yes. You can set your profile to private on your settings page. Keep in mind that you will be missing out on some great features MANteresting has to offer.

    How can I follow other users?

    We really want MANteresting to be a place where users connect. A community if you will. For this reason, we give you two options to follow other users. You can choose to connect directly with as friends which means you are both following each other’s posts. Or you can simply follow them. You can gauge how cool your content is by the number of people following you. You can also click on the “invite friends” button to send quick invitations to all your friends via Facebook, encouraging to come join the party.

    4 - The MANteresting Community

    Why doesn’t MANteresting allow nudity on the site?

    There are 2 main reasons. They are:
    1) MANteresting does not want to be a porn site. There are plenty of those out there already.

    2) It is hard enough to get advertisers already because of all the posts of beautiful ladies on the site. Many advertisers won’t touch our site but are fine placing ads on certain sites that contain boards of topless hunky fireman with long hoses. If nudity was allowed on MANteresting then are advertising options would be even more restricted. MANteresting would have to use adult only ad networks and we don’t want to do this.

    Why did MANteresting get rid of Benches and Nails?

    The word “Nail” instead of “Post” has confused some site users. We also felt that the word “Nail” seemed a bit corny. Was it worthwhile to keep using the word “Nail” and our answer was “no”.

    MANteresting has removed the Benches in favor of using Tags. Using Tags will help with our community easily finding specific subjects within the site. Tags just made better sense and made the site much more user friendly.

    5 - Miscellaneous

    I need help with my account, what do I do and where do I go for help?

    Just go to the Contact Us page and fill it out. Customer service will get back to you and help you out.

    Contact MANteresting

    Where can I read your Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions?

    Please drink a pot of coffee and a Jolt Cola chaser before you try reading these documents.

    Click on the graphics below:

    Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions



    I would like to advertise on the site, what do I do?

    Please fill out our Contact Us page and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

    Contact MANteresting